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    How happy are you with yourself?

    Today I would like to ask you two questions, how important is it to be happy with yourself and does ‘love of self’ have an impact on our children?

     I once met a parent who openly announced that she didn’t like herself much – she didn’t like the way she looked and she was often depressed so did not have the motivation to make any changes.  She went on to tell me that she couldn’t understand why her teenage son lived a very isolated life – no friends – no motivation or engagement with the outside world.  In fact he had become quite a recluse.  “He has so much to live for”, she commented.  I gently asked her whether she thought that her opinion of herself may have had an impact on his behaviour.  She paused and with a measured look on her face, she said “I guess my low self esteem must have brushed off on him”.

     Sometimes when we take the time to reflect, we can see much more than our reflection in the mirror.  I have learnt that setting a good example is one of the fundamental ways in which our children learn.  They watch the way we treat ourselves and others, the way we talk, the way we dress, the food we eat and the exercise we take.  They may not copy verbatim, but rest assured they are taking it in.  Next time you are criticising yourself, remember your children could be watching and learning!

     Until next time…..

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