Our work is wide and varied, but the most important aspect of what we do is getting to know the families and communities that they live in. We work with many different partners, including schools, local authorities, Children’s Centres, charities, community groups and prisons.

Last year we worked with both Brent and Harrow local authorities as well as partnering with Holloway Prison in Camden. We also worked with Centrepoint and CanParent in other areas of London. This helped us to reach families who do not often access support. Below are some examples of our work in action:

Triple P Courses and Workshops

The London Borough of Brent

Brilliant Parents worked with a mixed group of parents across the borough of Brent to deliver both a Stepping Stones Course and a range of Triple P workshops and seminars, including the Power of Positive Parenting and How to Raise Confident, Competent Children.  Many of those who attended a seminar confirmed they would sign up for the course.

Triple P Seminars

Holloway Prison, Camden: Funded by CanParent

Brilliant Parents worked with a large group of female inmates, separated from their children. The women responded well to the idea of Positive Parenting seminars, changing expectations and trying new ways of communicating with their children. Prison Officers and other support workers commented on our rapport and ability to create a good atmosphere in what could be a challenging group and inmates reported how they used new parenting techniques over the phone and during visits in the family room.


Brilliant Parents is grateful to the following donors and organisations that support our work

Children in Need
Comic Relief
The London Community Foundation
Lottery Funded
City Bridge Trust