• Brilliant Parents move to new offices in Brent, London

    On Thursday 14 September 2017, Brilliant Parents held a party to celebrate their move into new offices in the London Borough of Brent, with Chair, Angela Barst, and fellow director, Desiree Mahoney, on hand to welcome colleagues and friends, who had supported the growth of Brilliant Parents over the last seven years.

    Angela explained that Brilliant Parents had evolved out of Brilliant Women, a social enterprise set up to empower women in business. However, over the years the parenting work had grown to such an extent that 2017 saw the formation of Brilliant Parents in its own right.

    Chief Executive, Meave Darroux, explained that Brilliant Parents had come of age, and that their preferred parenting programme was the world-renowned, evidence-based parenting programme, Triple P, because it had been tried and tested by Meave herself, as a parent. Meave went on to say that both she and her team of practitioners were very much pro parents and they had time and empathy for parents and carers because for many of their clients, parenting can be very challenging.

    Brilliant Parents delivers Triple P across London including for the London Borough of Hillingdon. For further information please contact Meave Darroux on 07947 191462 or email enquiries@brilliantparents.org.

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  • Brilliant Women Quote

    How happy are you with yourself?

    Today I would like to ask you two questions, how important is it to be happy with yourself and does ‘love of self’ have an impact on our children?

     I once met a parent who openly announced that she didn’t like herself much – she didn’t like the way she looked and she was often depressed so did not have the motivation to make any changes.  She went on to tell me that she couldn’t understand why her teenage son lived a very isolated life – no friends – no motivation or engagement with the outside world.  In fact he had become quite a recluse.  “He has so much to live for”, she commented.  I gently asked her whether she thought that her opinion of herself may have had an impact on his behaviour.  She paused and with a measured look on her face, she said “I guess my low self esteem must have brushed off on him”.

     Sometimes when we take the time to reflect, we can see much more than our reflection in the mirror.  I have learnt that setting a good example is one of the fundamental ways in which our children learn.  They watch the way we treat ourselves and others, the way we talk, the way we dress, the food we eat and the exercise we take.  They may not copy verbatim, but rest assured they are taking it in.  Next time you are criticising yourself, remember your children could be watching and learning!

     Until next time…..

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  • Meave Darroux

    An Introduction

    Hello my name is Meave Darroux and I am the Chief Executive of a Social Enterprise called Brilliant Women.  We have been running for the last 6 years, slowly and quietly reaching out into a few London boroughs doing what we love to do, which is supporting families by using the world renowned programme Triple P, (Positive Parenting Program).  Triple P is great because it has such a variety of different programmes.  There are programmes for parents whose children are aged 2-12, for those whose children are teenagers and for families with additional needs.  There are workshops, seminars, one-to-ones and six-week courses.  I am pleased to say that we are accredited to deliver the majority of the Triple P programmes.  We are really passionate about parenting and have time for the families we work with.  We understand that parenting can be very rewarding but we also know the reality is that it can, at times, be very challenging.  Brilliant Parents is here for you, the parent/carer.  Please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  I hope we can get to know each other much better over the coming months and years and if you ever need a little support yourself or just want to chat, then please do get in touch.

    Until next time….


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