Triple P Self Directed eCourse (2 – 10 Years)


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For those parents who are too busy, or live too far away or just can’t get away from the house because you have no one to look after the children, to join group parenting classes or see a parenting practitioner in person….or it could be that you just don’t feel comfortable talking in a group setting. However, you recognise that you do need some support in raising the children, as parenting is harder than you thought.

The Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) online course entails the completion of a 30-60 minute module each week for eight consecutive weeks in your own time on a computer, tablet or smart phone. The modules will introduce you to Triple P’s seventeen parenting strategies.

We offer a standard and premium service as follows:

Standard – One 30 x minute phone call £150.00
Brilliant Parents will support you after you have completed the first four modules

Premium – Four x 30 minutes phone calls £300.00
Brilliant Parents will support you with a thirty minute phone call before you start the course and then after module two, five and eight on a mutually convenient date

This is the toolkit you’ll rely on for years to come. Adapt the techniques to help you through all kinds of situations. With all these positive parenting strategies, you’ll be set for a lifetime of raising kids.

Module 1 – What is Positive Parenting
Module 2 – Encouraging Behaviour you like
Module 3 – Teaching new skills
Module 4 – Managing Misbehaviour
Module 5 – Dealing with Disobedience
Module 6 – Planning ahead to prevent problems
Module 7 – Making shopping fun
Module 8 – Raising Confident, capable kids