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There are a variety of parent support programmes available to parents. However, Brilliant Parents chose to specialise in Triple P because of the number of programmes available to parents and the extensive evidence available illustrating the successful impact of attending a course, workshop or seminar.

Parents who have attended our courses have said:

  • Hillingdon Parent – “Thanks to the course I become stronger. I am very to have taken that course.”

  • Barking & Dagenham Parent – “It is very hard coping with a child with special needs.  The important things I learned was from other people’s experience on how they dealt with the situation and what strategies need to be applied to deal with a situation.”

  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Parent – “From the outset I felt much more comfortable sharing my experiences than I had expected to – Meave did a particularly good job of helping us feel at ease which in turn made me feel more comfortable to engage and share.”

  • Brent Parent -“The Managing Fighting & Aggression discussion group was full of helpful tips, tools, and reminders of how to manage difficult situations with your child. I have already witnessed a significant change in my child behaviour (and my own), and an overall positive shift in the mood of my family. Often, we have the skills and know-how but need an empathetic and patient course deliverer like Sarah, to refresh our knowledge and suggest small adjustments in our words and actions, which can result in noticeable differences in behaviour.  Thanks!”-

Please see the following links which details some of the many Triple P research papers.


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