Brilliant Parents knows that most parents are brilliant, but we also know, as parents ourselves, that bringing up children is one of the most challenging and emotionally demanding jobs a parent will ever do. Sometimes it can feel that parenting has turned into a battle, rather than an adventure. Brilliant Parents runs Parenting Courses supporting families across London, working with parents to turn the experience back into something that is positive and rewarding.

For you, the parent, our courses make daily life a little less about conflict and more about fun, by introducing techniques we can help you break a negative cycle with an emotional toddler or a complex teen. Our Parenting groups are run through peer support, delivered with opportunities for you to reflect on your own. Using years of research completed by Parenting Experts, Triple P, Brilliant Parents will help you understand your child’s complicated behaviours as well as your own and show you ways to communicate with your child.

“We help parents deal with difficult behaviour in their children, whether toddler or teenager.”


Brilliant Parents provides parenting courses and support for families in London and beyond; our work specialises in parenting programmes with early years, children, and young people.  We see safeguarding as everyone’s responsibility and therefore have a duty of care to safeguard the well-being of not just our service users, but especially their children (under the age of 18), our staff, practitioners, and volunteers. To this end we work in partnership with the Local Authority, Children Services and local family focussed organisations. Through our varied programmes we aim to foster safety, happiness, and well-being.

Our training programmes support families by introducing new parenting techniques which can help them deal with difficult behaviour in their children, from toddler to teenager. Early intervention in the lives of families aims not only to help parents, but also to transform the confidence and well-being of the child. Supporting parents by helping them cope with their own emotions, as well as that of their child, also has crucial long-term benefits and creates happier, confident parents.


Our Parenting Classes are delivered by Triple P accredited facilitators. Our courses are based on the premise that often we parent as we were parented, without questioning our ways of doing things. Brilliant Parents wants parents to understand the negative effects of coercive parenting and how it can damage self-confidence in the parent and self-esteem in the child.

The Triple P Programme helps parents set more realistic expectations of children and helps them communicate with their child when they display negative behaviour. As parents they must nurture ambition and aspiration in their children and understand that they are the role-models who can ensure children go into life with confidence and self-belief.


Brilliant Parents is grateful to the following donors and organisations that support our work

Children In Need
Comic Relief
The London Community Foundation
Lottery Funded
City Bridge Trust